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ANIMATO Filmography

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  • "The Kidnapping", 1974: Fully cel-animated 8-min. children's film. Featured the worm that became my logo. (It is actually a caterpillar, but the Finnish word for worm, "mato", just ties in so well with "Ani"... ;-)

    The Kidnapping received several international awards, including 1st Prize at the "VI Festival Internazionale del Cinema per i Ragazzi e per la Gioventu", Salerno, Italy 1976.

    Jpeg image (28 K) Click the image for more info on the film!

  • "FixMax", "Nanna och Max", "Linda": 4 to 7 min. cel and cut-out animated children's films for YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting corporation.

  • Several instructional films for the Finnish Army, made during (and after) my military service.

    Here I am, a young fellow back in 1974,
    dressed in "Army Grey", sitting in the cellar of the
    Army Headquarters, working on "Sinko-Simo",
    a character in a humorous instructional film
    shown to new army recruits.

  • "Ice Age": Animated sequences for a documetary series co-produced by several Scandinavian TV channels.

  • "Winter War": Special optical effects - 25 animated sequences of tracer bullets, muzzle flames and explosions for Finnish feature film.

  • "Seasick": Special optical effects - several animated sequences of tracer bullets and explosions for internationally produced feature film.

  • Title sequences for dozens of Finnish feature films, including many by Aki Kaurismäki, e.g. "Drifting Clouds". (These links are to The Finnish Film Foundation's pages.)

  • Animation sequences for hundreds of documentaries & educational films.

  • "Three-dimensional Images": Cameraman and technical expert on the second anaglyph 3D film ever produced in Finland.

    I built a special camera for this project. Click image to see more!

  • Animation, titling and special effects for thousands of Finnish TV commercials, starting in 1975 and continuing to this day.

      (© Disney)

    Here I'm painting dalmatians on cels for "Lasten oma kirjakerho", one of the first commercials I animated. Yes, this dalmatian is indeed a Disney character, but the commercial was produced with all the necessary licensing and copyright clearances...

    Here are a few stills from some other commercials I've animated...

    Here's "my" page on IMDB with active links to many of the movies I've worked on.

    And finally, if you're not asleep already, here's a REALLY LONG LIST of all the major films I've worked on...