Welcome to the "ANIMATO" samples website! Here are a few animation samples I've made for commercials, all in QuickTime format (if you don't have the plug-in, it's free from www.apple.com).

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Unfortunately, some of the older samples, which are not digitally mastered, are of very poor quality, since they are transferred from old VHS archive tapes.

AGA "scented"
welding oxygen gas

Detergent, "memory"
playing card campaign

Non-fat dairy
snack product

Kids' band-aids

Iltalehti magazine,
"makeovers" theme issue

Fresh eggs

wiper fluid

Raid insecticide

Logo character for
furniture store chain

As you can see, I work in many different styles and techniques, all depending on what my client wants.

Please note that in many cases, the characters were NOT designed by me, but were the client's designs! The skunk, snail, tooth, fat man and the fly are my designs.

(Regarding copyrights, they are owned by the producers of the commercials, but the "fair use" provision gives me the right to present these as samples of my work. Goofy is also © Disney, as you all know...)

For music copyright reasons, I am unable to present some of these samples with sound. Sorry!

Contact info: ANIMATO J-E Nyström, Ulvilantie 2 A 7, 00350 Helsinki, Finland.
(Sorry, no e-mail address on this webpage, because of the spambots!)